air conditioner

Maintenance Services


Maintain & Support Your System

Air conditioners need regular preventative maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. A dirty air filter or coil can reduce your unit’s ability to circulate conditioned air throughout a room.

Compressors can work harder to compensate and can drive up your power bill and shorten the life of your compressor. Water leaks can cause damage to the air con unit or worse, your home!

Whether we installed your system or not, we can maintain, repair and support your system. We work with all the leading commercial, industrial & residential systems so you can be sure that whatever the challenge, we’re more than prepared to help you out.

Energy efficient Climate Control Systems

Air conditioning technology is constantly evolving and air conditioning systems of all types, from simple split systems to larger heat recovery VRF systems are becoming ever more energy efficient. They are able to efficiently cool and heat a building, providing a constant and comfortable temperature, minimising energy use, reducing utility costs and carbon footprint.

Improves Air Quality

Busy offices can be a breeding ground for coughs and colds. Air conditioning systems contain filters that purify the air, reducing the number of bacteria and dust particles, odours and potential allergens. Occupants benefit from clean, filtered air, particularly important for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

Protects Business Critical Equipment

Modern workplaces are jam packed with technology that generates heat. This heat needs to be removed from the environment as delicate equipment can only operate within certain tolerances. Cleverly designed air conditioning systems take heat and humidity away, dispersing that energy elsewhere where it’s needed, ensuring your business critical equipment is safe.

Silent Controlled Climate

Modern systems are very quiet, they may be continually monitoring and responding to the environment, but you wouldn’t know it. Even when systems are working flat out, when outside temperatures are at their most extreme, staff remain undisturbed. Systems respond rapidly to changes in temperature, outside and in, maintaining the space to the desired set point. More sophisticated systems are able to recover heat from warmer areas and redistribute to cooler areas, making them extremely efficient.